Why Does Concrete Crack?

concrete crack repair

Why Does Concrete Crack?

Concrete is a versatile and durable material, but it is prone to forming cracks. The team at Acme Pressure Wash are your Phoenix area experts in concrete maintenance and concrete crack repair. Our pressure washing and sealing process can repair cracks in all types of concrete surfaces, from driveways to storefronts to swimming pools.

Why does concrete crack?

Many conditions cause cracks to form in concrete, from improper mixing to overloading the slab. However, weather has the largest impact on concrete in Arizona. The type of cracks we repair most often are cracks caused by environmental stress. If your concrete is exposed to the blazing sun and extreme rains of Arizona, repairs will be inevitable.

Exposure to air with high or low humidity creates volume changes in concrete. When the air is damp, concrete expands, and when the air is dry, concrete shrinks. Volume changes cause cracks both in freshly poured concrete and even in fully hardened concrete over time. Cracks form due to extreme temperatures that cause the ground to heave and shift as it freezes and thaws, severe weather such as flash floods or heavy rains, and prolonged exposure to our sunny climate in Arizona.

In arid regions, concrete often forms cracks due to drying shrinkage as it hardens. Temperature, wind conditions, and humidity must be monitored while new concrete dries to prevent plastic shrinkage cracking, or sparring. If the surface water evaporates too quickly, the superficial layer of the concrete will shrink and crack due to dehydration. These types of micro-cracks are confined to the surface and won’t affect the structural integrity of the concrete, but they do cause unsightly flaking.

How do you repair cracks in concrete?

Applying a sealer will repair unattractive cracks and flaking in concrete surfaces. Acme offers expert paver sealing services for concrete, stone, exposed aggregate, and more. We begin by steam-cleaning and pressure washing the surface to remove any stains, grime, and dirt. We use 300 degree Fahrenheit steam at 3500psi that can blast away months—and even years!—of stains from paint, oil, grease, and tire marks.

Once clean and dry, we apply a sealer that will augment the natural color of your surface and protect it from fading in the Arizona sun. A sealant also makes concrete easier to clean, conceals imperfections, and enhances the overall appearance of your property. We offer concrete sealer in three unique finishes: NATURAL, WET LOOK, and SATIN. Depending on your specific application, we can add anti-slip protection to the wet look and satin finish sealers.

Get a free estimate for concrete crack repair.

Contact us for all your concrete maintenance needs! Acme Pressure Wash offers sweeping, pressure washing, and paver sealing services to businesses and residences in the Phoenix metro area. Let Acme Pressure Wash keep your property looking great year-round with our quarterly, monthly, and weekly service contracts. We are equipped to offer services for a wide variety of surfaces including entries, storefronts, brick walls, parking lots, swimming pools, walkways, and driveways. Request a free estimate today.

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