Fleet Pressure Washing Services Phoenix, Tempe & Scottsdale

Construction Clean-up

Acme Pressure Wash is frequently chosen by New-Home Builders and General Contractors to steam-clean and pressure wash all the flatwork (garages, driveways, walkways, entries, patios, etc.) at their home sites before turning the home over to the buyer. The construction process can be quite messy and leave a new home looking dirty and uninviting. We excel at removing construction related substances such as paint overspray, caulk, liquid nails, red chalk, etc., giving your homes a fresh, clean appearance.

With the challenges experienced as a result of the current housing market, we feel that pressure washing is a quick and easy way to increase the overall quality of your final product… without adding too much to the bottom line. It is a cost effective way to get a slight edge on the competition, or at least keep up with the competition that is already using us!

Acme Pressure Wash has pressure washed flatwork for dozens of Phoenix’s largest home builders and general contractors. We diligently keep the required insurance coverage compliant to your policies, and are already familiar with the popular supply chain management tool, BuildPro.

Other Construction Services
We offer other services for the construction industry including Model Cleanings and other Subdivision Maintenance such as cleaning up oil/paint spills, graffiti removal, Blue Stake removal, etc. We can also powerwash the sides of new homes for preparation of painting or to clean up after summer monsoons and other rain storms.

Property Maintenance

Acme Pressure Wash offers a professional pressure washing solution for companies managing properties in the Phoenix area. We are equipped to offer steam-cleaning and pressure washing services for a variety of circumstances including parking lots, walkways, driveways, entries, storefronts, brick/block walls, etc.

Let Acme Pressure Wash keep your property looking great year-round with our quarterly, monthly, and weekly service contracts. You can have all your exterior maintenance needs met with one company as we also offer parking lot sweeping.

Fleet Power Washing Phoenix AZ


A customer’s first impression of a business is the storefront and entry of your building as they approach the front door. A filthy, stained entry can detract from your clientele’s overall impression of your establishment.

Acme Pressure Wash keeps Phoenix-area businesses looking fresh and new by steam-cleaning and pressure washing away tough stains and grime that build up over time. Make a good first impression by letting us steam clean your entry to remove the gum, grease, oil, and other substances that typically occur outside your front door.

Some of our clients use us on a regular basis to keep the appearance of their storefronts clean and inviting. We pressure wash sidewalks, parking lots, benches, awnings, block/brick walls, service entrances, garbage areas, etc.

Some of our commercial clients include restaurants, hotels, banks, convenience stores, and other retail locations in the Phoenix Metropolitan area.


Acme Pressure Wash excels at cleaning tough stains and hard-to-remove substances from residential homes and properties in Phoenix and surrounding areas. We use 300 degree Fahrenheit steam at 3500psi to blast away months or years of built up staining caused by paint, oil, grease, tire marks, etc. We do it all: driveways, sidewalks, entries, patios, block walls, etc. Contact us for more information or to get a free estimate.

Heavy Machinery, Fleet, etc.

Acme Pressure Wash is available for steam-cleaning and pressure washing heavy equipment (backhoes, bobcats, cranes, etc.) to remove oil and grease build-up. We can also help clean up hydraulic oil spills and other mishaps.

Whether one piece of equipment or a whole fleet, we have a solution for you!


Graffiti Removal

Our equipment and chemicals enable us to excel at removing graffiti in your neighborhoods and commercial locations. Vandalism promotes further vandalism, so cleaning up graffiti quickly helps to prevent it in the future. Show your community that you care about the appearance of your buildings and property by scheduling a cleaning today.


The sky really is the limit. If you have a messy situation that requires something that packs a little more punch than a standard garden hose with a nozzle, our technicians and machines might be just what you need.

Give us the opportunity to hear about your problem by calling or emailing Acme Pressure Wash using the info located on our Contact page.