About Acme Pressure Wash

About Us

Acme Pressure Wash began in 1996 with one pressure washer cleaning a few patches of dirty concrete and a small fleet of heavy equipment. We have steadily grown and built a company that continues to operate under the Acme Pressure Wash name that has become associated with a commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction. The team at ACME now comprises an experienced staff of 12 employees and boasts an impressive fleet of 7 top-of-the-line industrial pressure washing machines and 4 industrial street sweepers! All equipment is completely mobile, operating from two equipment yards in the Phoenix Metro area including one in North Phoenix and one in the East Valley.

In addition to our industry-leading powerwash services, we now offer a wide array of exterior maintenance services including commercial property maintenance, construction clean-up, power sweeping, and sealing for concrete, pavers, and stone.

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Pressure Washing Vehicles and Equipment

The Acme Pressure Wash pressure washing vehicles are one ton dually diesels with 12 foot flatbeds. We know that space is limited at construction sites; therefore we have eliminated the need of a trailer by mounting equipment directly on the flatbeds. This ensures that little space is taken up at the jobsite and the vehicles are able to maneuver in tight spaces. All trucks and equipment are kept clean and well maintained.

Each truck includes the following equipment:

  • Two industrial, skid-mounted stainless Mi-T-M pressure washers with the following features:
    • 3500 psi
    • 6 gpm water output
    • 300 degree steam/hot water
  • Two 150-foot high pressure non-scuffing lines
  • Two wands (w/ adjustable pressure)
  • Two industrial, rotating surface cleaners
  • One 325 gallon water tank
  • 250 feet of water supply line hose

Street Sweepers

The Acme Pressure Wash street sweepers are the powerful and maneuverable TYMCO-210s, and are ideal for parking lots, garages, private driveways and communities. Each sweeper uses a power broom and vacuum to pick up dirt, debris, trash, leaves, etc.

The patented centrifugal dust separator and the onboard water system keeps the dust to a minimum as it cleans your property.

To learn more about our sweeping services or to see more photos of these trucks, please visit our Sweeping page.


Acme Pressure Wash uses an array of the best biodegradable chemicals and proprietary formulations to pretreat stains and help remove undesired substances.