The Benefits of Pressure Washing at Your Restaurant

restaurant pressure washing

The Benefits of Pressure Washing at Your Restaurant

If you own a restaurant, pressure washing can benefit your business in many different ways. Pressure washing is the best way to sanitize outdoor surfaces or clean up a messy situation. Attract more customers with a sparkling clean storefront, parking lot and patio. Keep dirt and pests at bay with regular pressure washing maintenance. Acme Pressure Wash offers professional cleaning services throughout the greater Phoenix area.

Protect Your Customers

Keep customers and employees safe by removing debris like broken glass or oil slicks from your parking lot or garage. Acme offers sweeping and pressure washing contracts for all types of commercial parking, including restaurants. A clean parking lot shows how much you care about your customers by making them feel safer and more comfortable at your establishment.

Sanitize Patio Furniture

With more and more customers opting for sidewalk seating, it’s important to keep outdoor furnishings clean and inviting. Ensure that your outdoor seating areas are spotless and sanitized with regular professional pressure washing. Don’t risk damage to your patio furniture—always hire a pro! Our expert technicians know the exact settings for cleaning all types of surfaces, from cast iron to wood to concrete.

Prevent Health Hazards 

Help prevent the spread of coronavirus by pressure washing porous surfaces like cement. Our state-of-the-art equipment can blast 300ºF water at 3500 psi and will kill all types of germs. We can clean your entrances, walkways, patio, parking lot, and more. Make your restaurant safer for your customers and employees with professional pressure washing from Acme.

Deter Pests

Food waste attracts pests—even when scraps are confined to a dumpster, one clever critter can make a huge mess. Deter rodents, cockroaches, and other pests by keeping dumpster enclosures clean and disinfected. Pressure washing also discourages pesky human habits like littering and graffiti. Regular pressure washing from Acme will keep both pests and litterbugs away.

Deep Clean Equipment

Did you purchase used equipment that’s caked with accumulated grease? Do you want to give your deep fryer a deep clean? Pressure washing gets rid of grease and leaves your equipment sparkling! Get the job done quickly with professional pressure washing from Acme. If you have a messy situation, we can clean it up.

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Keep your restaurant premises clean and inviting with maintenance from Acme Pressure Wash. For restaurant pressure washing, you can count on Acme. We offer weekly, monthly, and yearly contracts for commercial properties in the greater Phoenix area. Contact us to request a free estimate for professional pressure washing today.


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