Professional vs. DIY Pressure Washing

professional pressure washing

Professional vs. DIY Pressure Washing

Thinking about pressure washing your house this spring? Talk to an expert first! Our professional crew at Acme Pressure Wash knows how to pressure wash siding and all other outdoor surfaces. We offer steam-cleaning and pressure washing services for parking lots, walkways, driveways, entries, storefronts, swimming pools, and new builds—we do it all! If you live in the greater Phoenix area, consider booking a professional pressure washing by Acme before you try to do it yourself.

What are the benefits of pressure washing? 

Pressure washing is the best way to clean your outdoor surfaces, whether it’s your siding, driveway, walkways, foundations, patio or swimming pool. It’s a great way to prepare your house for a new coat of paint. Keep your home or business looking great with a regular power washing to remove dirt, debris, fungus, and stains. Applying a paver sealing agent after pressure washing repairs weathering and wear and extends the lifespan of outdoor surfaces. If you’re planning to sell your home, power washing increases your property value and curb appeal.

What are the advantages of hiring a professional?

Professionals are specialists trained in exactly how much pressure to apply to different types of surfaces. They know how to pressure wash different types of siding, the correct equipment to use, and whether to use pressurized water or heated water. They can deal with any hazards they might encounter, such as lead paint or mold. They can recommend sealers and treatments to preserve the lifespan of your outdoor surfaces. Professionals have the tools and expertise required to get the job done quickly and thoroughly.

What are the risks involved in DIY pressure washing?

If you’re considering doing some DIY power washing, be prepared to invest a lot of time and hard work! The cost of renting equipment might not be as high as the cost of hiring a professional, but you will have to devote considerable time to picking up the equipment, doing the power washing yourself, and then all of the cleanup, too. Do-it-yourselfers must also consider the risks to person and property. Working with powerful machines like pressure washers can be dangerous. Homeowners inexperienced with this type of equipment might accidentally injure themselves or cause damage to their own property, leading to costly repairs.

Contact us for a free estimate!

Acme Pressure Wash delivers results. Our experts can blast away months—even years—of stains from paint, oil, grease, and tire marks and keep your property looking great. We service homes and businesses in Phoenix, Tempe and Scottsdale. Contact us to request a free estimate for professional power washing today!

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