Maintaining Exterior Brick

cleaning a brick house

Maintaining Exterior Brick

The best way to keep a brick house looking beautiful is with regular maintenance from Acme Pressure Wash. We are experts in cleaning and sealing all types of outdoor brick surfaces including pavers, foundations, and exterior walls. When it comes to cleaning a brick house, there are four basic steps to follow.

Step 1: Routine Inspections

Bricks themselves require little maintenance, but you should inspect your exterior at least once a year. Remove any vines or plants growing between the bricks; their roots will destroy the mortar over time and cause structural damage. Check for any cracked, damaged, or loose bricks, and for any cracked or deteriorating mortar. Maintaining the mortar between bricks and around window sills and door frames will protect the brick and prevent deterioration. Brick is extremely durable and easy to maintain, but yearly inspections are key to preserving its integrity.

Step 2: Repairing and Repointing

Always make repairs before cleaning brick walls. Any loose or cracked bricks should be replaced. If your mortar has gaps, or if it is crumbling and deteriorated, it will need to be repointed. This process involves scraping the damaged mortar down to a uniform depth, and then refilling the joints with fresh mortar. It’s best to hire a masonry professional for repointing and exterior brick repairs. After all repairs are complete and any new mortar has cured completely, it will be safe to wash your brick house.

Step 3: Cleaning

When it’s time to clean, call Acme Pressure Wash—we are professionals trained in cleaning all types of exterior brick. We know exactly how much pressure and which water temperatures work best for cleaning and preserving brick. Our services will remove unsightly buildup from air pollutants, exhaust, dirt, smoke, and efflorescence —the white stains from salt left behind by evaporating water. Pressure washing also rids your brick of debris from insects and birds, and eliminates health hazards like mold and fungus. If you are maintaining a painted brick exterior, pressure washing is the perfect way to prepare your house for a new coat of paint.

Step 4: Sealing

Applying a protective coating after pressure washing can repair weather damage from uv rays and acid rain, and help to extend the lifespan of a brick house. Brick surfaces require a specific type of sealant that will repel water yet permit evaporation. You can avoid costly repairs down the road by maintaining your home with our regular professional pressure washing and sealing services. Professional sealing by Acme experts will protect your brick from fading in the Arizona sun, enhance its natural color, and keep it looking new.

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