What Is the Best Way to Clean Asphalt?

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What Is the Best Way to Clean Asphalt?

Professional pressure washing is the best way to clean an asphalt parking lot. The experts at Acme Pressure Wash of Phoenix are the best asphalt cleaners around! Our pressure washing pros can remove gum, grease, grime, graffiti, and any other accumulated gunk from your asphalt surfaces. We can eliminate stains from paint, oil, grease, and tire marks, and prevent the cracks caused by weeds and pests. Keep your asphalt cleaner with regular parking lot maintenance from Acme.

Why is pressure washing the best asphalt cleaner?

  • Pressure washing eliminates even the toughest stains—you can get rid of graffiti and gum forever. Eradicate stains from tires, engine grease, rust, pollution, and spills with professional pressure washing. Our technicians excel at cleaning tough stains and hard-to-remove substances.
  • A clean parking lot shows how much you care about your customers or residents. Your apartment complex, restaurant, hotel, or shopping center will look even more inviting with a clean parking lot. Clean parking lots also discourage littering and vandalism. While sweeping effectively removes dirt and debris, pressure washing goes the extra mile. 
  • Sweeping and pressure washing removes dangerous debris like broken glass and oil slicks. Protect your customers and prevent health hazards by keeping parking areas and dumpster enclosures clean and disinfected. Regular pressure washing deters rodents and kills all types of germs!
  • Pests like ants and weeds cause cracks to widen. Pressure washing eradicates the weeds and pests that could damage your asphalt surfaces. Regular pressure washing maintenance will extend the lifetime of your asphalt and can help you avoid costly repairs down the road.
  • Professional pressure washing is the best way to prepare the asphalt in your parking lot or garage for new striping. When it’s time to repaint the parking guides on your pavement, call Acme Pressure Wash. We can blast away years of old paint with our state-of-the-art equipment. 

Why should I hire a professional to clean my asphalt?

  • Professionals know the correct equipment to use, whether to pressurized water or heated water, and when a mild detergent might be required. Acme specialists are trained in cleaning all types of surfaces. Our state-of-the-art equipment and expert technicians
  • Professionals have the best equipment and know how to use it. Working with powerful machines like pressure washers can be dangerous. Unless you are experienced in handling pressure washing equipment, you might accidentally injure yourself or damage your property, leading to costly repairs.
  • Professionals know how to deal with any environmental hazards they might encounter, such as lead paint or mold. They are also trained in handling potentially hazardous substances like solvents and sealants. Don’t take the risk—hire a pro!
  • Professionals have the tools and expertise required to get the job done quickly and thoroughly. Unless you’re a pro, pressure washing takes a lot of time and hard work! You’ll have to pick up the equipment, do all the power washing and cleanup, then return the equipment afterwards. While the cost of hiring a professional might be a bit more than the cost of renting equipment, hiring a pro is worth your time.

Let Acme do the work!

The best way to get the job done is to hire Acme Pressure Wash of Phoenix. We will handle the pressure washing and the cleanup, too. Our experts can blast away stains, hazards, and debris to keep your property clean and looking great. Keep your property looking great with our parking lot sweeping and asphalt cleaning services. We do it all—parking lots, parking garages, loading docks, and more! We offer weekly, monthly, and yearly contracts for residential and commercial properties in the greater Phoenix area. Contact us to request a free estimate for professional asphalt cleaning today.


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