Structural Pressure Washing: Why You Should Hire a Pro

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Structural Pressure Washing: Why You Should Hire a Pro

When your building needs pressure washing, call Acme Pressure Wash of Phoenix! We are equipped for cleaning residential, commercial, and industrial structures as well as new builds and constructions sites. There are many advantages to hiring a professional for structural pressure washing. Read on to learn about how you can save time and preserve your building with professional pressure washing from Acme. 

Seven Reasons to Hire a Pro:

  1. Professionals know the correct equipment to use, whether to pressurized water or heated water, and when a mild detergent might be required. Acme specialists are trained in cleaning all types of surfaces. Our state-of-the-art equipment and expert technicians are the best of the best.
  2. Professionals are equipped with the premium tools and know how to use them. Working with powerful machines like pressure washers can be dangerous. Unless you are experienced in handling pressure washing equipment, you might accidentally injure yourself or damage your property, leading to costly repairs.
  3. Professionals can determine the right angle to use for cleaning different types of exteriors. Unless it is directed correctly, the pressure of a hose can drive water between and behind sections of siding. Avoid structural damage, rot, and mildew by hiring a pressure washing expert. 
  4. Professionals know how to recognize and deal with any environmental hazards they might encounter when it comes to building pressure washing, such as lead paint, fungus, or mold. They have the training and protective gear to handle any situation. Don’t take the risk—hire a pro! 
  5. Professionals have the tools and expertise required to get the job done quickly and thoroughly. Unless you’re a pro, pressure washing a building takes a lot of time and hard work! You’ll have to pick up the equipment, do all the power washing and cleanup, then return the equipment afterwards. While the cost of hiring a professional might be a bit more than the cost of renting equipment, hiring a pro is worth your time.
  6. A power wash professional can recommend the right surface sealing agent. Applied after power washing, a specialty coating will protect your outdoor surfaces from cracks and weather damage. We can also add anti-slip protection to our wet look and satin finish sealers for pool decks and patios.
  7. Pressure washing professionals use only pure water and steam to clean exterior surfaces. Don’t risk discoloring or damaging your siding with DIY solutions and over-the-counter solvents. Count on a professional to clean your building with the purest, most environmentally friendly technique: pressure washing.

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Our professionals at Acme Pressure Wash will keep your property sparkling clean and looking its best. We offer weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance contracts throughout the greater Phoenix area. If you’d like to learn more about our building pressure washing services, call Acme for a free estimate today!


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