Picking Out the Right Pavers for Your Property

best patio pavers

Picking Out the Right Pavers for Your Property

There’s quite a bit involved in picking out the best patio pavers. You’ll want to select a color and pattern that complements your architecture and landscaping, but first you need to choose the right material. In Arizona, the type of patio pavers you need will depend on the level of sun exposure. You’ll need pavers that are durable and can withstand the extreme weather of our desert climate. You’ll also want pavers that are easy to keep clean. No matter what type of pavers you choose, call Acme Pressure Wash in Phoenix for professional paver sealing services. Our treatments will keep your pavers looking great and lasting a long time.

Best Pavers for Arizona

Because the expansive soil in Arizona tends to cause cracks in most pavement, interlocking pavers are the best choice. An interlocking design gives pavers enough wiggle room to adjust their position as the ground shifts. The most practical type of interlocking pavers are concrete. They are inexpensive, durable, and stay fairly cool when exposed to sunlight. Concrete pavers come with many options for color, size and pattern, so it’s easy to find a style that matches your architecture. Sandstone pavers are another great choice—local sandstone always looks beautiful in the Arizona landscape.

Best Pavers for a Patio

Patios exposed to direct sunlight need different types of pavers from shaded patios. If your patio is exposed to direct sunlight, a natural material like sandstone or limestone works best. Natural stone pavers stay cooler than brick, concrete, or ceramic pavers. Although they are more expensive, natural stone pavers will protect your feet and your pets’ feet outdoors. For a covered or shaded patio, almost any type of paver will work, but opting for natural stone will increase your property value.

Best Patio Pavers for a Pool Area

Poolside pavers are usually exposed to direct sunlight for most of the day and can get very hot. Travertine pavers are the latest trend for poolside patios in Arizona, because they are porous and absorb less heat. Travertine is a type of stone that has the beauty of marble at a fraction of the cost. Shell stone, a light colored stone with fossil inclusions, also resists the summer sun. All types of stone pavers will vary in color and have natural imperfections. It’s always best to seal natural stone pavers with an anti-slip agent, especially in the pool area.

Best Pavers for a Business

For patios, walkways, and driveways in commercial areas, brick pavers are optimal. Even though they’re inexpensive, brick pavers look impressive. Pavers improve the appearance of walkways, courtyards and driveways at businesses and apartment complexes alike. Brick pavers are durable and easy to maintain. They will stand up to traffic and endure weather much better than poured concrete. Avoid the cracks that deface concrete slabs by using interlocking brick pavers instead. 

Best Paver Sealing

After you decide on the best pavers for your patio, you’ll want to keep them looking like new. Acme offers expert paver sealing services in addition to regular pressure washing maintenance. Finishing your pavers with a protective coating will preserve their appearance, lengthen their lifespan, prevent weeds and pests, and make them easier to keep clean. We can also add an optional anti-slip agent to our wet look and satin finishes for extra safety around pool areas. Protect your pavers as well as your family and visitors with professional paver sealing by Acme. 

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Whether you decide that natural stone or efficient concrete as the best pavers for your patio, call Acme Pressure Wash for sealing and maintenance. We specialize in cleaning and preserving all types of outdoor surfaces. Paver sealing will protect your pavers from weather damage and wear, and keep them looking great for years to come. Contact Acme for a free estimate today!


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