Is It Necessary to Seal Pavers?

Should I seal my pavers?

Is It Necessary to Seal Pavers?

Investing in decorative pavers for your patio, walkways, or driveway, probably means that you want them to last. The best way to protect your investment and keep your pavers looking like new is with professional sealing services from Acme Pressure Wash of Phoenix. If you’ve been wondering, “Should I seal my pavers? Is it really necessary?” read on to learn more about the advantages that Acme’s paver sealing services can provide.

Why should I seal my pavers?

Improved Appearance 

Sealants protect pavers from fading, cracking, and weather damage. Weather often causes unsightly damage to pavers. Sealing pavers will prevent white stains from efflorescence as well as unattractive cracks and flaking from sparring. You can conceal existing imperfections and prevent stains by sealing your pavers.

Easy Maintenance 

Sealing pavers makes them extremely easy to maintain. With a protective coating, your pavers will resist stains from tires, grease, and grime. You’ll be able clean your sealed pavers with a simple garden hose. 

Fewer Weeds and Pests

Reduce weeds and insect infestations by sealing your pavers. Sealants fill cracks and joints to deter weed growth, ant hills, and other insect activity. Sealants also prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and fungus on pavers near pools and fountains.

Anti-Slip Protection 

We can add anti-slip protection to our wet look and satin finish sealers. This is another advantage to sealing poolside pavers! With our anti-slip coating you will not only protect your pavers from water damage, you will protect your family and guests from slips and falls.

Should I hire a professional to seal my pavers?

Sealing pavers requires a certain level of expertise. There are safety risks involved—some types of sealants should only be handled by a trained professional with appropriate safety gear.

Reapplications of sealant will be necessary every few years, and it’s important to use the same type of sealant every time. Applying a different type of sealant might cause chemical reactions that discolor your pavers. If you’ve purchased a new property, you might not know what type of sealant the previous owners applied. Acme Pressure Wash technicians can identify any existing treatments and reapply the appropriate product.

How does Acme seal pavers?

Acme Pressure Wash offers expert paver sealing services for brick, concrete, stone, exposed aggregate, and more. We begin by steam-cleaning and pressure washing your pavers to remove any stains, grime, or dirt. Our high tech cleaning equipment can blast away months—even years—of stubborn stains. After the pavers have completely dried, we will apply your choice of protective seal. We offer sealer in three unique finishes: natural, wet look, and satin. We can also add anti-slip protection to the the wet look and satin finish seals on request.

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Acme Pressure Wash offers professional paver sealing services throughout Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale. If you have questions about sealing your pavers, contact Acme Pressure Wash today! We can recommend the best sealants and treatments for your business or residence. Call us today at 602-373-1515 or visit our website to request a free estimate.


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