How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Driveway?

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How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Driveway?

Get your property ready for summer with a professional cleaning by Acme Pressure Wash. Pressure washing is the best way to clean outdoor concrete surfaces, from driveways and walkways to patios and swimming pools. Protect your driveway and other outdoor surfaces from the Arizona summer heat with our professional pressure washing and sealing services. We recommend pressure washing your driveway at least once a year, and spring is usually the best time to do it! 

What are the advantages of professional pressure washing?

We can eliminate years of stains from paint, oil, grease, and tire marks and make your driveway look brand new. We are equipped to maintain residential, commercial, and industrial properties in the greater Phoenix area. Professional pressure washing removes dirt, stains, and debris as well as buildup from smoke, exhaust, and pollutants. We use 300 degree Fahrenheit steam at 3500psi that can blast away months—even years—of stubborn stains.

How often does a driveway need to be cleaned?

How often you should pressure wash a driveway will depend on the types of vehicles and the amount of traffic on your driveway. Residential driveways will probably only need a pressure washing about once a year. Commercial and industrial driveways will require more frequent maintenance.

The frequency of maintenance will also depend on whether or not your concrete driveway has been sealed. A protective sealant coating resists stains from grime and grease, and also makes the concrete easier to clean. You should be able to maintain a professionally sealed driveway by washing it regularly with a simple garden hose. 

What are the advantages of sealing a concrete driveway?

Sealants extend the lifespan of concrete and protect it from fading, cracking, and weather damage. Applying a sealer will repair unattractive cracks and flaking in concrete surfaces and prevent further damage. Concrete sealants fill cracks and deter weed growth, ant hills, and other insect activity, making your driveway easier to maintain.

Acme Pressure Wash offers expert paver sealing services for concrete, stone, exposed aggregate, and more. We begin by steam-cleaning and pressure washing your driveway to remove any stains, grime, or dirt. After the concrete is clean and completely dry, we will apply your choice of protective sealer. We offer sealer in three unique finishes: NATURAL, WET LOOK, and SATIN.

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Give your driveway a spring cleaning and give your home or business a fresh look for summer. Acme Pressure Wash excels at cleaning tough stains and hard-to-remove substances. We offer weekly, monthly, and yearly contracts for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. We do it all—driveways, sidewalks, entries, patios, block walls, pools, and more. Contact us to request a free estimate for pressure washing your driveway today!


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