How Does Pressure Washing Work?

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How Does Pressure Washing Work?

Wondering how pressure washing works and why it’s the best way to keep your property clean? Read on to learn more about the advantages of pressure washing and what Acme Pressure Wash can do for you. We offer professional pressure washing in Scottsdale, Tempe, and the greater Phoenix area. We service homes and apartment buildings, businesses and office complexes, construction sites and industrial developments. Acme makes pressure washing work for you.

How does pressure washing work?

Pressure washing combines heat and force to deep clean using only water. No chemicals needed! Pressure washing is the most environmentally friendly way to clean. Most surfaces can be cleaned with pure water—a mild detergent might be required in some situations. Our expert technicians will determine the exact temperature and pressure required for each job. Acme is equipped for high-pressure steam cleaning up to 300ºF and 3500 psi (pressure per square inch). Our large fleet of high end skid-mounted, industrial pressure washers and trained technicians can handle even the toughest messes. 

What does pressure washing do?

Pressure washing is perfect for cleaning outdoor surfaces like siding, decks, driveways, walkways, patios, pools, and fountains.The heated, pressurized water dissolves dirt, mold, fungus, oil stains, paint spills, soot, and pollution. It can remove old peeling paint from masonry, metal, and woodwork. It kills the weeds and pests that infest cracks and make them worse. Pressure washing even kills germs! With 300ºF water blasted at 3500 psi, pressure washing kills all viruses and bacteria. Help prevent the spread of Covid-19 by pressure washing your storefront, parking lot, dumpster area, and other outdoor surfaces.

What pressure washing services does Acme offer in Scottsdale?

Residential Pressure Washing

Acme services both single residences and housing complexes. Acme also offers model cleaning and subdivision maintenance, including cleanup after monsoons and summer storms. We clean driveways, walkways, patios, decks, foundations, siding, pools, and more. Whether you’re getting ready for a new coat of paint or you want to add an anti-slip seal to your poolside pavers, you can count on the Acme pros!

Commercial Pressure Washing

Make a good first impression with a sparkling clean parking lot and storefront. Pressure washing removes gum, grease, grime, graffiti, and any other accumulated gunk. Clean lots discourage littering, vandalism, and rodents, too. Regular maintenance from Acme will protect your customers and employees from dangerous debris and other health hazards. We offer parking lot sweeping, paver sealing, and pressure washing services to keep your business looking great.

Industrial Pressure Washing

Acme can clean up after hydraulic oil spills and other mishaps. In any messy situation, we will find a solution! Acme pressure washing pros can clean heavy equipment and remove stubborn buildup from oil and grease. We can clean parking lots, ramps, loading docks, hangars, garages, machinery, and more to keep your industrial facility running smoothly.

Construction Site Pressure Washing

We excel at removing paint overspray, caulk, liquid nails, red chalk, and other construction debris from new builds. Our technicians are trained in cleaning up construction sites, including graffiti removal, Blue Stake removal, and painting preparation. All of our experts are insured and proficient in BuildPro. We can even clean machines like bulldozers, backhoes, and tractors—keep your equipment in top shape with regular pressure washing.

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Acme Pressure Wash offers industrial, commercial, residential, and construction site services in Phoenix, Tempe and Scottsdale. In addition to our industry-leading powerwash services, we now offer a wide array of exterior maintenance services including commercial property maintenance, construction clean-up, power sweeping, and sealing for concrete, pavers, and stone. Contact us to request a free estimate for professional pressure washing today!


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